Company info

Boreal Wildlife Centre Boreal Wildlife Centre is a company based in Kuhmo, providing first-class wild animal observation and photography services. The co-founders of the company are Jani and Markku Määttä and Kari Kemppainen. Jani and Markku share an extensive experience in animal observation and photography services at Martinselkonen Eräkeskus wildlife centre. Kari has photographed wild animals and made nature documentaries for over 25 years.

The observation and photographing locations are in Viiksimo, Kuhmo. In this area, large carnivores have been photographed for over 10 years as it provides an excellent opportunity to see and photograph wolverines, bears and wolves. Especially wolverines and bears are frequent visitors of this area.

With us you can also observe wild animals such as the capercaillie, moose, beaver and wild forest reindeer. For further information on the animals and observation possibilities, please see 'NatureObservation ’.