Boreal Wildlife Centre Oy Privacy Protection Policy

1. Register owner

Boreal Wildlife Centre Oy

Jalonkoskentie 13 89600 Suomussalmi

Contact to the register owner:

Boreal Wildlife Centre Oy/ Mrs Riina Nilsson-Määttä
Jalonkoskentie 13
89600 Suomussalmi, Finland
+358 40 181 7570
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2. Register content

Boreal Wildlife Centre Oy keeps a register of current clients and prospect clients.

Register includes the following information of the clients:

-        name

-        address

-        e-mail address

-        phone number

-        nationality

-        date of birth

-        the information of the services bought


3. The purpose of the register

The purpose of the register is management and development of customer relationships, handling reservations and monitoring payments.

We also use the register to offer our products for prospect clients and informing the people in our register about new things coming as well as last minute offers.


4. Right of inspection and the right to rectify erroneous data

The customer is entitled to inspect the data concerning him or her stored in the customer register. If the customer wants to exercise their right of inspection they can do so, by sending e-mail to Tämä sähköpostiosoite on suojattu spamboteilta. Tarvitset JavaScript-tuen nähdäksesi sen..

If there are any errors in the customer's data, the customer can submit a request for rectification from the register owner.



5. Right to prohibit processing

The customer has the right to prohibit the controller from processing his or her data for the purposes of direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing.


6. Regular sources of data

  • Data is mainly collected from customers themself, when they contact company by phone, e-mail, internet contact form or through social media.
  • Data can be collected from competition forms if customer has accepted this in the form.
  • From our marketing association Wild Taiga, which collects information in fairs and workshops


7. Storage of the data

  • The data is stored in secure data network, that is processed only by the staff of Boreal Wildlife Centre.
  • The data is stored as long as the contact is valid or as long as the client askes the removal of his or her contact.
  • The data is not handed over to any third party purpose of marketing.
  • Some of the data is handed over to the Finnish Border Guards to enable clients access to Boreal Wildlife Centres hides located at the border security zone.